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Bachelor in Printmaking / Lithography, Sint-Lucas Hoge-school voor Wetenschap en Kunst, Gent (LUCA - school of arts, Ghent, BE)


Master in Printmaking / Drawing, Sint Lucas Hogeschool voor Wetenschap en Kunst, Gent (LUCA - school of arts, Ghent, BE)


Extra studio: Painting



TAMAT residency, January '22 - December '22, Tournai, BE   


Residency Unlimited, February ‘16 - May ‘16, NY, US

2014 - 2015:      

Academia Belgica, September ‘14 - February ‘15, Rome, IT

2008 - 2009 :     

IK-eiland, November ‘08 - February ‘09, Vlissingen, NL.

Awards, grants, prizes


Prix Elisabeth Burdot - selected by "Les Amis d'ma mère" - awarded as laureate, Brussels, BE 


Ronse Drawing Prize - selected by the curatorial commission

                              to exhibit at CC de Ververij, Ronse, BE


Grote Prijs Ernest Albert - Prize Ernest Albert - drawing -awarded as second laureate, Mechelen, BE


Residency Unlimited – selected by the curatorial commission to reside in Brooklyn (NY) (February ‘16 - May ‘16), US


Flemish Government – selected by the curatorial commission to reside in the Academia Belgica in Rome (September ‘14 - February ‘15), IT


Kids of Dada – selected by the curatorial commission to be included in their world-wide network of artists and collectors, UK


Premio Ora Italy – selected by the curatorial commission to be included in the catalogue, IT


Young Masters Art prize – preselection and exhibition @ Rupert Cavendish Antiques, London, UK


Input-Output, CC Brugge, Bruges – second prize and several exhibition possibilities in cooperation with CC Brugge, BE


Out of Control, VUB, Brussels – exhibition possibilities @ several interesting arts centres, BE

Major Exhibitions


  • Thiasos, Husk Gallery, Brussels, BE


  • Caravaggio, Sint-Amanduskapel, Ghent, BE

  • (S) Art on Paper, Husk Gallery Booth, Brussels, BE

  • Masks, KODA/RU house, Governor's Island, NY, US

  • (S) Hommage à Pan II,  Musée Félicien Rops, Namur, BE

  • Dialogues, Husk Gallery, Brussels, BE

  • (S) Hommage à Pan I, Château de Thozée, Mettet, BE


  • R22, TAMAT, exhibition of the granted artists in residence, Tournai, BE

  • (S) Mystic Heated Wine Beyond the Event Horizon, Husk Gallery, Brussels, BE

  • The Circus we are in the City of Namur, Namur, BE

  • Prix Elisabeth Burdot, Gallery Marie-Ange-Boucher, Brussels, BE

  • BCBGenres, Arte-Fac, UCLouvain-La-Neuve, Brussels, BE


  • Panta Rhei, Husk Gallery, Brussels, BE

  • Getekend, Bogardenkapel, Brugge, BE

  • (S)The Great God Pan, Husk Gallery, Brussels, BE                   



  • The Clown Spirit, curator Johanna De Vos, Ronny van de Velde Gallery, Knokke-Zoute, Rossaert, Antwerp, BE

  • #VillalesZéphyrs, curator Els wuyts, Villa Les Zéphyrs, Middelkerke, BE

  • In Arcadia, Group show, Husk Gallery, Brussels, BE


  • (S) A fountain in A garden by A sea, Nathalia Tsala Gallery, Brussels, BE


  • Ronse Drawing Prize, CC De Ververij, Ronse, BE

  • The harmony of difference, Nathalia Tsala Gallery, Ronse, BE


  • Zoveel Many Trees >< Abattre, La Vallée, Brussels, BE

  • Tuinfeest en Veilingen, Museum Dhondt-Dhaenens, Deurle, BE

  • (S) Canticle, Brilliant Champions Gallery, Brooklyn, NY, US


  • (S) ORTO, Light Cube Gallery, Ronse, BE

  • Group show, Praetoria, Antwerp, BE

  • Outside in - a cosmpopolitan showcase, NY, US

  • 5 jaar IK, 1ste LUSTRUM, IK-eiland, Vlissingen, NL

  • Grote Prijs Ernest Albert, de Garage, Mechelen, BE

  • Arts on Site , Saint Marks Place, NY, US

  • Afterimage, inCube Arts, New York, US

  • In love with Beauty, Transfo Zwevegem, BE

  • (S) The Sanctuary,, New York, US


  • Works on paper, The Light Cube Gallery, Ronse, BE

  • Questies, Kapel Ster der Zee, Koksijde, BE

  • No more Secrets, PAK, Gistel, BE

  • Group show, Villa de Olmen, Wieze, BE

  • Collectief Euphrosina B. (CE.B), Ostend, BE


  • Visions, Academia Belgica, Rome, IT

  • Come together, Open Museum/Open City, Fondazione MAXXI, Rome, IT

  • WARUM, ‘Ieder zijn oorlog’, Warmuseum, Zonnebeke, BE


  • ZOOM, Kasteel Beauvoorde, Veurne, BE

  • SOOF, Dutch Movie, Bergen, NL

  • (S) Recht in uw Bakkes, CC De Spil, Roeselare, BE


  • Mise en Abyme, CC Ter Dilft, Bornem, BE

  • (S) Folies de Flandre, Sint-Rita Kerk, Harelbeke, BE

  • Schriftuur/Scripture, De Bond, Bruges, BE

  • (S) Schatten van de Duinenabdij, Koksijde, BE

  • Young Masters art prize @ Rupert Cavendish, London, UK


  • (S) Dermatobia Hominis, Veurne, BE

  • Pure Peinture 11, 5de biënnale, Diksmuide, BE

  • I AM HURT, Ghent, BE

  • See*point, Koksijde, BE

  • (S) Theatrum Mundi IV, De Brouckère, Torhout, BE


  • Gegoten Lood, Den Haag, NL

  • (S) MONSTRAR-CASTRAR-CONTRAREMONSTRAR, Pieterjanszoon Saenredamproject, Rotterdam, NL

  • (S) Theatrum Mundi V -Cythera- , Het Kasteel van Gaasbeek, BE

  • Skulls, skeletons and bones, Ostend, BE


  • Thats all folks, Bruges, BE

  • Droomburchten en Luchtkastelen, Het kasteel van Gaasbeek, BE

  • (S) Solo, Gallery s&h de buck, Ghent, BE

  • Pure Peinture 09, 4de biënnale, Diksmuide, BE

  • (S) Fructusycomorus, Non-Space de Laurier, Bruges, BE


  • (S) Theatrum Mundi III, I K- island, Vlissingen, BE

  • In flux, Mons, BE

  • Waldweben, Het Betoverd Bos, St.-Maria-Aalter, BE

  • Over Tekenen,Witte Zaal, Ghent, BE

  • (S) Theatrum Mundi II, Zelzate, BE

  • (S) Theatrum Mundi I, Bogardenkapel, Bruges, BE


  • Input-Output, Bruges, BE

  • FRIS V, Courtesy Jan Colle Gallery, Ghent, BE

  • Out of Control, VUB, Brussels, BE

  • BE-VANGEN, Nieuwpoort, BE

(S) = soloshow

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